About Us



8Tev was founded by a talented collection of engineers, designers and retail experts driven to revolutionise the MICRO EV landscape.

Our passion is to design cool products for the urban dweller transportation paradigm that are safe and fun to ride.

Our goal is to become a major brand in the global micro- EV market.

8Tev’s Advantages of Micro EVs:

8Tev has been mastering the following improvements to offer the most suitable transportation solution:

  • Safety- durable and sturdy, with a minimum presence on the road, not Inadequate ‘toy-like’.
  • Go green- consideration is our top priority to help our planet and strive for greener alternatives.
  • Lightweight- all our micro EV are extremely light weight, no more than 30kg (even the 4 wheeler!) 
  • Prestige Design- our sleek, chic, clean look,  back to basic is timeless.
  • Top of the range product  and leaders in technology.
  • Develop and innovate new modeless and technology in all the range of products .